Global Reference Group

The primary purpose of the Global Reference Group (GRG) is to provide expert advisory support for this project, including advice on:

  • Strategic issues and direction in project implementation.
  • Choice of topics and research questions for the learning projects.
  • Ensuring a valid, rigorous and transparent approach to monitoring and evaluation  of research and learning.
  • Collaboration and coordination with key global stakeholders, and other Child Sexual Exploitation projects and programmes.

Key roles

  • Promote and disseminate information on the RISE project amongst key global stakeholders.
  • Facilitate collaboration and coordination with other key stakeholders and related initiatives, across sector boundaries (silos) to enable relevant learning from and collaboration with work on other forms of child adversity, marginalisation and exploitation, plus gender-based violence.
  • Advise on and support plans for engaging wider stakeholders and advocacy targets, particularly at project launch and project closure.
  • Advise on learning and exchange hub (website) content and functions.
  • Review options for and decide on topics for learning projects based on global and regional mapping of existing challenges, initiatives and networks in the area of R&R from CSE.
  • Contribute to monitoring and evaluation of the project, through reviewing the M&E framework including key performance indicators, internal monitoring reports submitted on a six monthly basis, and ToR for final project evaluation.
  • Support advocacy activities, via existing contacts and networks, regionally and globally.