Implementing Partners:

Family for Every Child Logo

Family for Every Child is a global alliance of national civil society organisations that mobilises knowledge, skills and resources to improve children’s care worldwide. Family for Every Child is a registered charity (Non-Governmental Organisation) in the UK.

Family for Every Child’s goals are:

  • Enabling children to grow up in permanent, safe and caring families
  • Ensuring a range of high-quality, appropriate alternative care choices for children
  • Taking steps to prevent children from having to live outside of any adult care, without the care of families or other carers, and in the interim protecting these boys and girls
  • Promoting better and more participatory decision making about children’s care
  • Building strong child protection systems which strengthen families.

Family’s values are Solidarity, Partnership, Empowerment, Striving for excellence, Accountability, Non-Discrimination, Subsidiarity


The International Centre Logo

International Centre: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking, University of Bedfordshire, UK.

The mission of the University of Bedfordshire International Centre is to increase understanding of, and improve responses to, child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking in local, national and international contexts.

It achieves its mission by:

  • Academic rigour and research excellence.
  • Collaborative and partnership based approaches to applied social research.
  • Meaningful and ethical engagement of children and young people.
  • Active dissemination and evidence-based engagement in theory, policy and practice.


Retrak Logo

Retrak is an international Non-Governmental Organisation, registered as a charity in the UK.  

Retrak’s vision is a world where no child is forced to live on the street and Retrak’s mission is to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives; preserve families; empower communities and give each of them a voice.  We put children at the very heart of everything we do and will be fearless and tenacious in defending and promoting their rights.

Retrak’s values of boldness, excellence, innovation and respect, are underpinned by our Christian faith through which we embrace all people, valuing their diversity and difference so that none are excluded, forgotten or ignored.


Supporting Partner:



Terre des Hommes Netherlands is an international non-governmental child rights organisation that works against child exploitation. The mission of Terre des Hommes Netherlands is to prevent child exploitation, remove children from exploitative situations and ensure these children can develop themselves in a safe environment. The vision of Terre des Hommes Netherlands is to work towards a world in which all children have a decent life and can grow up to be independent adults. A world in which children are no longer exploited. Terre des Hommes will continue its work until this is accomplished.