Caring for Vulnerable People during COVID-19: Understanding the effects of a pandemic response on Child Maltreatment, Human Trafficking, and IPV (Intimate Partner Violence)

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • May 13th, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to require physical distancing (also known as social distancing), it is important to understand the effects these conditions are placing on vulnerable people caught in abusive relationships or human trafficking situations, as well as survivors of both. Being able to identify these vulnerable populations in your community, and having an understanding of their unique needs, will enable you to minister and help them. For victims and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence, the pandemic response may exacerbate or trigger the experiences of exploitation and violence. Individuals in these situations need to understand there is no shame, blame, or guilt for being triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they need to be reminded they are not alone and there is support and a community of survivors standing with them. They are not forgotten. They are seen. They are not alone.

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