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Traditional prostitution of young males in india: situtional assessment report on adoloscents and young boys vulnerable to forced migration, trafficking and sexual exploitation in India.

PLUS (People Like Us -Kolkata) conducted this “Situational Assessment to explore vulnerability towards migration, sexual exploitation, trafficking, HIV, AIDS and STI’s and building linkages for establishing model intervention”  in 2007 to develop means to protect those vulnerable target group mostly adolescents and young gender variant boys with feminine demeanor or traits of Eastern India. The study was supported by United Nation Development Program India country office through there TAHA- Prevention of Trafficking, HIV and AIDS of women and girls, project. The study was conducted among 400 respondents from areas in almost twenty-two districts in three respective states of West Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh.

The research undertaken in the three states provides a window for understanding the stereotyped gender constructions, which underpin concepts of adolescents and young people’s protection, as related to male. In this regard the findings clearly demonstrate that the unequal power relations, which create vulnerability of children and young people to sexual exploitation by exploitative adults can and do affect boys and girls in all environments.

PLUS  is a support group of young people working for the promotion, protection and advancement of adolescent and young men’s health and rights, especially their sexual and reproductive health and rights, toward ensuring their meaningful participation and perspectives at all levels of decision-making.

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