Elimination and Responses to Violence, Exploitation and Abuse of Indigenous Girls, Adolescents and Young Women

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • August 13th, 2019

The United Nations Inter-Agency Support Group (IASG) on Indigenous Issues aims to strengthen cooperation and coordination among UN agencies, funds, entities and programmes on indigenous peoples’ issues and to support the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. It also seeks to promote the effective participation of indigenous peoples in relevant international processes. At its annual meeting held in October 2013, the IASG decided to develop a set of collaborative thematic papers to serve as background information and analysis on key issues to contribute to the process and preparations for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. The preparation of each paper was led by one or more agencies with inputs from other IASG members. The papers do not present or represent formal, official UN policy positions. Rather, they reflect the collective efforts of the Inter-Agency Support Group to highlight selected key issues and to provide substantive materials to inform the Conference, with a view to contributing to the realization of the rights of indigenous peoples.

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