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Posted By: • June 27th, 2016

Children and Young People’s Perspectives on Reintegration

An inter-agency project was established in 2012 to develop a joint monitoring and evaluation (M&E) toolkit for organisations working with reintegrated children. As part of the wider project, consultations with 89 reintegrated children and young people were held in June and July 2013 by nine Partner Organisations in seven countries in Eastern Europe and East and West Africa. These non governmental organisations work to assist children to reintegrate into families and communities. It was envisaged that data generated from the consultations would help shape the development of a toolkit and identify relevant indicators based on children’s own definitions of ‘successful’ reintegration. Consequently  in June 2013 guidelines were developed for organising consultations with children as part of this wider project on M&E and reintegration. The findings from these consultations are presented in this document. This documents is also a significant reference to the RISE Monitoring and Evaluation of Reintegration Toolkit, recently updated within the RISE Learning Network.

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