Guide on Addressing Problematic Sexual Behavior and Abusive Practices

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • April 28th, 2017

This document is the result of the strategic alliance between the NGO Paicabi, RISE member in Chile and SOS Children’s Villages whose purpose is to approach and prevent abusive sexual practices or behaviors. The author of the guide is Francisco Romero, with the support of Nelly Navarro and María Inés Meyer.

This Guide is split into four sections: The first outlines “Considerations to Aid Understanding”, explaining concepts that help understand paediatric and adolescent sexual development and its problematic manifestations. The second, “Considerations for Prevention”, proposes measures to avoid child-to-child sexual assaults. The third part reviews “Considerations for Intervention”, setting out suggestions for intervening in the event of the occurrence of sexual assaults within an SOS family or other care setting. Finally, in the last part, “Transversal Considerations”, basic recurring themes in work with children and violence are reviewed.

The Guide is available in English and Spanish.

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