INSPIRE Handbook Action for implementing the seven strategies for ending violence against children

Posted By: • July 30th, 2018

In July 2016, 10 agencies with a long history of working to prevent and respond to violence launched INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children — a technical package of “selected strategies based on the best available evidence to help countries and communities intensify their focus on the prevention programmes and services with
the greatest potential to reduce violence against children1.”

The INSPIRE technical package consists of seven complementary and mutually reinforcing strategies, and two cross-cutting activities to help connect interventions across sectors and assess progress.

The INSPIRE Handbook builds on the INSPIRE technical package to help policymakers, planners, practitioners, funders, and advocates operationalize the seven strategies in their country or setting.

What information will you find in the handbook?

The seven INSPIRE strategies are based on policies, practices or programmes that are considered effective, prudent, or promising in addressing violence against children. The handbook includes available information about these policies, practices and programmes to guide selection and implementation planning, such as:

• potential outcomes, both primary (with a direct impact on violence or risk factors for violence) and secondary
(other positive health or social benefits);
• appropriate populations and settings;
• theory of change and core components of the programme;
• cost and cost-effectiveness, if available, or elements that go into determining cost;
• inputs needed, such as human resources, training, infrastructure and system support;
• where the approach or programme has been implemented, and lessons learned from scale-up, if available;
• what materials or implementation support are available, and at what cost, if any;
• implementation considerations;
• links to additional information, resources, or contacts

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