Letting the Future In

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • April 26th, 2017

A Therapeutic Intervention for Children Affected by Sexual Abuse and their Carers: An Evaluation of Impact and Implementation

This report is part of the NSPCC’s Impact and Evidence series, which presents the findings of the society’s research into its services and interventions. Letting the Future In is a structured guide to therapeutic intervention with children affected by sexual abuse. It is grounded in an understanding of trauma, attachment and resilience. Recognising that Letting the Future In is new and untested, the NSPCC commissioned a process and impact evaluation from the universities of Bristol and Durham. The delivery of Letting the Future In was investigated through case studies of eight NSPCC teams comprising interviews with six managers, 12 practitioners and four external professional referrers. Interviews explored referral, delivery and perceived outcomes of the intervention. Family case studies were undertaken with 12 children and young people and 17 carers to understand the acceptability of the service, perceptions of its delivery, and impact. The evaluation also included a specific qualitative study to explore the nature and quality of the therapeutic relationship developed during Letting the Future In in which 24 children, carers and practitioners took part.

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