Masculine norms and violence: making the connections.

Posted By: • September 3rd, 2018

Masculine norms and violence: making the connections. Heilman B, Barker G. Promundo-US. 2018: This report offers an introductory-level analysis of key research findings on the links between harmful masculine norms and violent behaviours, as well as a contribution to an ongoing conversation on how to disassociate masculine norms from violence. (Source: ANROWS).

Male identity and masculine norms are undeniably linked with violence, with men and boys disproportionately likely both to perpetrate violent crimes and to die by homicide and suicide. While biology may play a role in shaping a tendency toward certain forms of violence, the “nature” of men and boys is not the sole predictor of their violent behaviors or experiences. Rather, boys and men are often raised, socialized, and/or encouraged to be violent, depending on their social surroundings and life conditions.

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