Transnational Referral Mechanism for the Victims of Trafficking

Posted By: • September 23rd, 2015

A Transnational Referral Mechanism (TRM) is a cooperative agreement between countries on cross-border transfer and care of persons who have been victims of trafficking (VoTs). The primary aims of a TRM include:

  • Formal international cooperative agreement on strategies for the safe and supportive movement of victims between countries of destination, transit and/or origin;
  • Standard operating procedures for effective and safe transnational referral of victims of trafficking to a range of necessary services;
  • Mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the TRM.

In all measures provided in a TRM, state security needs must be balanced against the health and safety needs and the rights of trafficked persons. To be effective, TRMs should be coordinated with a country’s National Referral Mechanisms (NRM).

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