Webinar on Digital Storytelling

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • June 29th, 2017

Research shows that sharing and listening to stories can improve individual health, educate and mobilize communities, and inspire people to take action for change. Since 1999, StoryCenter’s Silence Speaks initiative has been exploring how first-person storytelling and participatory media practices can support health and human rights efforts around the world.

In this webinar, Silence Speaks co-founder Amy Hill will discuss the theoretical underpinnings, methods, and impacts of Silence Speaks’ work with adolescent survivors of sexual violence, and create space for questions and discussion about how members of the RISE Learning Network can more effectively integrate storytelling into their efforts on behalf of children and youth affected by sexual exploitation. We will also explore the utility of working with personal stories and Story Circles as a methodology for qualitative evaluation.

Amy Hill is a trainer on the ethics and practice of storytelling and participatory media for gender equality and human rights. She co-founded StoryCenter’s Silence Speaks initiative, which surfaces and shares personal stories documenting injustice and advocating for change. Amy holds a BA from Scripps College and a MA from Stanford University.

Find here a link to the following materials:
– Webinar recording:
– PowerPoint presentation
– Ethical Practice Guidelines:
– Case study on Afghan Women´s Writing Project:
– Case study on Grassroot Soccer Center – South Africa:
– Adressing Trauma:

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