Webinar on M&E of Reintegration by Jade T-Menson

Posted By: • October 5th, 2016

Considerable attention and resources have been targeted at the reintegration of different groups of children over the years, yet rigorous evaluations of these interventions are rare and it is not always clear what lessons are being learnt. When evaluations do take place, the focus tends to be on whether the programme objectives were achieved, rather than on whether the activities benefited the child or how and why they made a positive impact.

This means we might be learning whether a programme did what it said it would do and reunified X number of children with their families, – but we are not learning how reunification and reintegration was supported, what it was that made a real difference, and how this affected the overall well-being of the child and family. In this webinar, Jade T-Menson, Regional Coordination Advisor at RISE, looks at why monitoring and evaluation is needed in the area of reintegration and why we are looking across groups of separated children who benefit from reintegration programmes.

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