What the Girls Say: Improving practices for the demobilisation and reintegration of girls associated with armed forces and armed groups in Democratic Republic of Congo

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • September 9th, 2019

This report presents the findings of research conducted by Child Soldiers International to assess the effectiveness of release, psychosocial recovery and reintegration interventions (commonly referred to as ‘DDR’) for girls associated with armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More specifically, it seeks to shed some light on the extent to which girls have been reached by DDR programmes, and on the appropriateness of this support where it was offered, mostly from the point of view of the girls themselves. It is important to note that the objective of the report is not to provide an overall assessment of all DDR programmes for girls in eastern DRC, but to convey the perspective of girls formerly associated with armed groups in exploring and exposing some of the reasons why many are still not receiving appropriate assistance.

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