Introducing the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration

Posted By: • September 7th, 2016

Reuniting with Families as First Priority 
The Inter agency group on Children’s Reintegration just launched the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration which are intended to help governments, donors, NGOs, faith-based organisations and practitioners to pursue reintegration as the primary response in cases of separated children. Read More

Children First: An Initial Exploration of Sexually Harmful Behaviours Among Cambodian Children

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • February 3rd, 2018

First Step Cambodia recently launched its research on ‘Sexually harmful behaviours among Cambodian children’. Yaim Chamreun, the Executive Director of First Step Cambodia: “Abusive or harmful sexual behaviours among children is a significant problem within many families, institutions and communities across the country. This 3-year project has helped to raise awareness of the issues and support the capacity building of social workers.” Read More

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • February 3rd, 2018

This technical brief aims to inform researchers and program implementers working with youth in developing countries, who likely interact with youth who have experienced sexual coercion. The brief highlights examples of successful programs for reducing the occurrence of sexual coercion and force and describes strategies for responding to them. It also discusses how the frequency and negative effects of sexual coercion experienced by boys and girls could be reduced by building assets, especially social skills, agency, and youth empowerment, as a part of positive youth development (PYD) programs. Read More

Health Systems Strengthening – Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Guide

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • February 3rd, 2018

As the number of health systems strengthening (HSS) projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) increases, so, too, does the need to build the capacities of staff at the missions and at headquarters to plan, manage, and conduct monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of HSS projects. Evidence on how HSS interventions strengthen the performance of health systems (HS) and contribute to sustainable improvements in health status are scarce and scattered, with limited dissemination. Read More

Guide on Addressing Problematic Sexual Behavior and Abusive Practices

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • April 28th, 2017

This document is the result of the strategic alliance between the NGO Paicabi, RISE member in Chile and SOS Children’s Villages whose purpose is to approach and prevent abusive sexual practices or behaviors. The author of the guide is Francisco Romero, with the support of Nelly Navarro and María Inés Meyer. Read More

INSPIRE: Seven Strategies for Ending Violence Against Children

Posted By: • April 28th, 2017

Up to one billion children in the world are estimated to have experienced physical, sexual, or psychological violence in the past year. INSPIRE is a technical package for those committed to preventing and responding to violence against children and adolescents. The package is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Read More

Letting the Future In

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • April 26th, 2017

A Therapeutic Intervention for Children Affected by Sexual Abuse and their Carers: An Evaluation of Impact and Implementation Read More

Sistematización Proyecto, Aportando a la Autonomía de Mujeres Víctimas de Trata y Mujeres Migrantes Víctimas de Explotación en la Construcción de Nuevos Proyectos de Vida

Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • March 27th, 2017

El Proyecto “Aportando a la autonomía de mujeres víctimas de trata y mujeres migrantes víctimas de explotación en la construcción de nuevos proyectos de vida” (Enero-Diciembre 2016), cuya sistematización se expone en este documento, surge de la urgente necesidad de apoyar a las mujeres que han sido violentadas por el delito de trata de personas y de mujeres migrantes víctimas de explotación que egresan de la Casa Josefina Bahati, refugio del Servicio Nacional de la Mujer y Equidad de Género ejecutado por ONG Raíces. Read More

Participación de Niños, Niñas y Jóvenes en Monitoreo y Evaluación

Posted By: • January 29th, 2017

En este breve video, Lopa Bhattacharjee, Coordinadora de Proyectos de la Red de Aprendizaje RISE, nos presenta una introducción a la participación de niños, niñas y jóvenes en el monitoreo y la evaluación, extraído del Compendio de RISE sobre Herramientas de Monitoreo y Evaluación de la Reintegración. Read More